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​About Dale Lee Scientific Ltd.

Green, water, and sunshine bring endless life, whichever means "life". Elders need assistance, whichever means "Aid". "AI artificial intelligence" technology has improved the quality and efficiency of care for those who need Aid.

Dale Lee Scientific Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality care services for the elders. We believe in the vitality represented by green, water and sunlight and incorporate it into our philosophy. Through AI artificial intelligence technology, we have improved the quality and efficiency of care, making the life of the elders more comfortable and convenient. Our team's adherence to these values led to the formation of Dale Lee Scientific Ltd. and incorporated them into the company logo "Easy AI Life, Easy AI Care", hoping to bring easy and convenient life to the public through technology and AI.


We cooperate with internationally renowned technology equipment suppliers and consulting service providers to carefully select relevant technology equipment and knowledge services that are practical, relaxed, intelligent and apply AI. These partners have provided us with the latest technological solutions, enabling us to assist Taiwan's related businesses to improve the quality, efficiency and convenience of services in specialized fields. Whether it is a medical institution, long-term care institution or other related industries, we are committed to providing them with one-stop technological solutions to improve the quality of elder care and improve work efficiency.

Core Value

Easy AI Life, easy AI care


AI Brings Comfort, Convenience


AI artificial intelligence takes care of you



Life is like a sunflower, always facing the sun, only bowing its head at night, this is the real self.

Facing the sun, work hard and live out the most brilliant self every day.

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