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AI Brings Comfort, Convenience

We are a leading provider of innovative solutions addressing the growing need for long-term care, home care, and experiential knowledge in hygiene and wellness in today's society. By combining artificial intelligence technology and cloud services, we provide a series of advanced products aimed at improving people's quality of life, so that everyone can enjoy a healthier and more comfortable life.


First of all, we are proud of our Israeli high-tech "non-contact AI cloud-based Nursing System". This system uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to provide a full range of uninterrupted care services 24 hours a year. The system provides health monitoring, health management, tracking health indicators, personalized warnings and forecasts, customized health management plans, etc., to ensure that the care recipients receive the best attention and care for their physical and health status, and improve the quality of life of the care recipients .

Secondly, our Israeli high-tech, privacy-oriented, and non-imaging "AI cloud-based Telecare System" will provide remote and convenient care for those who need to be cared for at home under the protection of privacy. This system uses remote monitoring technology to connect with the service provider's customer service center, allowing the service provider to work with you to help you to take care of your family or loved ones at a distance. Whether ensuring their safety or providing immediate emergency medical attention, our telecare system can provide you with a reliable solution. The system uses cloud-based AI artificial intelligence to monitor the dynamics of the care recipients at home. It can distinguish between people and pets, and only alerts the dynamics of the care receivers. The system detects that the elders of the family have fallen to the ground, and automatically activates the amplified dialogue to connect with the customer service center for emergency treatment and notify the family members at the same time. The system will automatically query the elders who have been bedridden or sedentary for a long time, automatically activate the amplified dialogue to connect with the customer service center for follow-up treatment and notify the family members at the same time.


In addition, we also introduced the Swiss high-tech environmental protection intelligent automatic hand washing sanitation system. This system uses smart sensing technology, and built-in hand sanitizer in the system, mixing air and water to automatically send out "bubble water mixed with 3ml hand sanitizer", making hand sanitation and cleaning more environmentally friendly and efficient. It can automatically sense the position of your hands, quickly complete the entire hand washing process, save hand washing time, thereby saving water, electricity and hand sanitizer consumption, while ensuring your hygiene and safety. The system will automatically start the self-cleaning mode to wash and clean the pipelines in the system to maintain the sanitation of the system equipment and ensure continuous long-term service. To ensure hygienic safety, the system is a closed system, so that bacteria and viruses cannot invade and pollute from the source. The composition of the hand sanitizer is made according to the highest standard formula of "non-animal testing" in the European Union, and it will not harm human health even if it is swallowed by mistake. These specific functions are very important for medical institutions, children, finger food and other places.


Finally, our website also provides an introduction area for an international medical knowledge resource community. Health-careers and professionals link into this community. After joining the membership, you can share medical knowledge, exchange experiences, do online consultations, and obtain valuable new health knowledge with members such as health-careers or professionals. We believe that through such interactions and exchanges, we can jointly promote innovation and progress in the medical field.


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Product Overview

Israel Vitalerter AI Cloud Nursing System

The world's first non-contact AI cloud-based Nursing System has used more than 100,000 beds worldwide. Applying the principle of bionics amplitude propagation, cloud AI calculates human life parameters, provides 24 hours and 365 days uninterrupted care, forecast, warning, statistics, analysis information, improves the quality of care of nursing institutions, and operates with confidence.

Israel Essence Care@Home
Telecare AI Cloud Home Care Service System

The Telecare AI Home Service System has sold more than one million sets worldwide. The cloud AI algorithm can distinguish between human beings and domestic pets, detect the fall of the elderly at home, automatically send an alarm to the customer service center, and automatically activate the two-way loudspeaker to receive the elderly's calls for help and customer service personnel's caring inquiries.

Swiss Smixin
Environmentally friendly, intelligent and hygienic automatic hand washing equipment

The Swiss Simixin environmental protection smart sanitation automatic hand washing system is the only hand washing system in the world with built-in hand sanitizer + sparkling water. The hand washing is completed in 12 seconds, saving time, water, and hand sanitizer, and washing hands are completely clean.

PerSon Clinic, USA
Medical Knowledge Health Consulting Community

The AI robot is in the vast database world, feed him the right questions, and it can find satisfactory answers for you in the database. The PerSon medical and health consulting community in the United States is playing such a role in the professional field. The international members of the community can provide you with the latest practical information on medical and health, and the system automatically translates it. You can also make appointments here. Member experts, for you to do online consultation.

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