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The Dale Lee Scientific Ltd. Press Kit


Headquartered in Israel, Essence, its famous remote AI home care customer service system, has sold more than one million systems and more than 10 million devices worldwide. The product's cloud AI algorithm can distinguish between humans and domestic pets, detect falls of the elderly at home, automatically send an alarm to the customer service center and family members, and automatically activate the two-way loudspeaker to receive the elderly's calls for help and customer service staff's caring inquiries.


Overview of Essence Group, Israel:

The country of Israel has been in an environment of war threats and terrorist attacks for many years. Israel is a democratic and free regime. The residents' needs for a safe environment in the community and at home must not only ensure seamless public security, but also take into account the legislation of national voters on the security of the government's jurisdiction over the private sector, which must meet the requirements for home and personal privacy. protection requirements. The country of Israel has been in the environmental industry with special needs all year round. After practice, it has been proved that its research and development and industrial development of home security care products are indeed more advanced than developed countries in the United States, Europe and Japan.


Essence Group has been focusing on the remote home security and remote home care industry for 27 years, and has 60 partners worldwide who sell in 45 countries. The company has 350 employees (more than 80% are R&D personnel) and has developed 750 related products, and has more than 140 global patents. It ranks first in the market share of wireless security monitoring and remote home care in Europe, and has set up in the world. More than 75 million Internet-connected devices have been installed, proving that its hardware and software products and service systems have been tested by the market in order to achieve outstanding performance. The biggest difference between the company's products and other products lies in its "AI customer service care cloud platform"Continuously track the daily activities of the elders, compare the records, and check whether the elders' gestures and postures are different from the usual ones, so as to judge whether there is any degeneration, and actively warn and remind the family members that they should care whether the elders are gradually degrading physically and mentally. Early and proper placement. In 2023, the company expects to sell 13 million connected devices. The Care@Home remote home smart care system provided by Essence with a complete package (software, hardware, background system, and customer service system) will surely win the confidence of Taiwan's remote care customer service operators.

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