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Israel Vitalerter Vitaler AI cloud care system

This system innovatively uses the natural bionics amplitude wave transmission principle. Vitalerter Vettel's "non-contact" human body information sensor can sensitively capture the waveform generated by the activity of human organs and send it to the AI cloud engine for analysis and comparison. pairs, statistics, forecasts and alerts. These analyzes include the physiological status of the care recipient, such as heart rhythm variability, heart rate, respiratory rate, cardiac output, body movement frequency, sleep quality, and bed-exit status. Just install the sensor on the bed frame of the care recipient, and the Vitalerter AI cloud care system can accurately sense and analyze the above-mentioned physiological conditions of the care recipient, and provide 24 hours and 365 days uninterrupted care, forecast and warning , Statistics, analysis of information, etc., to improve the quality and efficiency of care in nursing institutions, so that the operators of nursing institutions can rest assured. This system has been installed and used in many elderly hospital nursing centers in Europe and the United States. The Ministry of Health of Israel has designated 25,000 sets of devices for the use of geriatric beds across the country, and more than 100,000 sets of beds are used worldwide.

Israel Essence Care@Home Remote AI home care customer service system

This system provides a complete end-to-end, seamless home care operation platform solution for service providers engaged in remote home care; it creates professional smart home care for your customers, so that customers and their families can rest assured.

This system provides service providers and users with an alarm and monitoring customer service cloud platform, AI smart algorithm and analysis engine, and provides 24 hours and 365 days of uninterrupted remote home care. Work content: real-time update on the day, early detection, prevention of deterioration, daily abnormal alarm function, personal safety precautions. Let family members know and feel at ease at any time, and enjoy the affordable services of service providers. The Care@Home system continuously learns and adapts to an individual's daily behavior, providing alerts of varying severity based on deviations from daily activities. These personalized instant alerts can stop possible degradation of the well-being of elderly residents in time. After the user uses this system, the service provider wins the user's heart from now on. For 20 years, Essence has built an impressive installed base with over 10 million products delivered by Tier 1 service providers around the world. Because of the high satisfaction, Japan's largest security home care service company specified this product to provide services for its users.

Swiss SmixinEnvironmentally friendly, intelligent and hygienic automatic hand washing equipment

This system is the only intelligent automatic hand washing system in the world with built-in hand sanitizer + sparkling water. It takes 12 seconds to finish washing hands, saving time, water, hand sanitizer, and washing hands thoroughly. Because the amount of hand sanitizer is controlled from the source (only 0.3ml of milliliters is released each time), it is natural and water-saving, because the bubble hand sanitizer water is naturally coated with both hands to peel off the protective film of bacterial virus oil, take away bacteria and viruses, and make hands clean Clean and thorough to maintain hygiene. The system has a built-in smart mixing device, which can automatically clean itself and activate ultraviolet light to sterilize the washbasin. The hygienic hand washing technology is impressive... Use the Smixin environmental protection smart hand washing system to make everyone participate in the image of hygiene, environmental protection, wisdom, warmth, comfort, and anti-epidemic.

Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and many semiconductor factories in the United States and Europe have designated the installation of this hand washing device in their offices and restaurants to protect the hygiene and health of employees. Smixin has partnered with international brands such as McDonald's, Virgin Group, ShakeShack, KFC, Marriott, Ruby Tuesday, Firmenich and CWS Major League Baseball to install this in their premises equipment; our products are found in medical centers, transport hubs, schools and government buildings in many countries. Our customers value having a positive impact on the environment and saving a lot of water, soap, hand sanitizer and paper towels. Awareness of environmental protection and hygienic habits is cultivated from basic daily hand washing, using the high-tech Smixin hand washing system to create an image that customers value environmental protection and sanitation and the place is technological, elegant and noble.

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