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The Dale Lee Scientific Ltd. Press Kit


This system innovatively uses the natural bionics amplitude wave transmission principle. Vitalerter Vettel's "non-contact" human body information sensor can sensitively capture the waveform generated by the activity of human organs and send it to the AI cloud engine for analysis and comparison. pairs, statistics, forecasts and alerts. These analyzes include the physiological status of the care recipient, such as heart rhythm variability, heart rate, respiratory rate, cardiac output, body movement frequency, sleep quality, and bed-exit status. Just install the sensor on the bed frame of the care recipient, and the Vitalerter AI cloud care system can accurately sense and analyze the above-mentioned physiological conditions of the care recipient, and provide 24 hours and 365 days uninterrupted care, forecast and warning , Statistics, analysis of information, etc., to improve the quality and efficiency of care in nursing institutions, so that the operators of nursing institutions can rest assured. This system has been installed and used in many elderly hospital nursing centers in Europe and the United States. The Ministry of Health of Israel has designated 25,000 sets of devices for the use of geriatric beds across the country, and more than 100,000 sets of beds are used worldwide.


  1. The AI cloud computing used by Vitalerter Vettel originated from the HiSense-baby monitoring system supported by the Israeli government research project in 2007, aimed at preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). This system project requires the use of natural technology for the baby's life activities to be detected. It is not allowed to use light pollution (infrared detection) and interference (microwave detection) methods to detect babies. Under this requirement, the only technical method that can be adopted is to design biosensors that can sense subtle vibrations and displacements, so as to respond to the information transmitted by the vibration/stillness and displacement movement/inactivity produced by individual organisms. Continuous and uninterrupted collection and transmission to cloud database. The cloud collects the data of the care group, and submits it to the AI artificial intelligence learning engine (this special artificial intelligence algorithm has obtained a global patent) to perform calculations. After generating countless samples, analysis, judgment, prediction and warning are made for the care individual .

  2. Vitalerter Vitaler transfers the HiSense-baby monitoring system technology to the AI Cloud Computing (AI Cloud Computing) precision care/care system for adults. The cloud computing system draws the patient's real-time activity information collected by the biosensor into a micro-sensing map of human organs and body activity vibration with an AI intelligent engine, and uses a special vibration and activity artificial intelligence algorithm to become a unique care in the world /Nursing technology (currently 25,000 beds are in use across the country in Israel; tens of thousands of beds are in use worldwide). However, the infrared detection and microwave detection technologies currently used in the market will only give warnings after the accident of the individual being cared for, and inform the result of the accident that has occurred, and cannot predict and warn before the accident occurs. meaningless.

  3. This technique has two major benefits:

  • The small sensor is attached to the bedside (can be covered by a bed cover, or on the iron frame of the wheelchair), so privacy is valued and patients feel respected. Unlike common technologies that use infrared or microwave detection, patients feel psychologically uncomfortable being detected by countless devices.

  • Small sensors are easy to install such as DIY, and everyone can install them after doing it once. Therefore, the use of institutions can continue to rent out sensors and cloud services, and take care of patients from hospital wards to midway care institutions, long-term care centers, and home care.

  • Vitalerter's instant actionable intelligence and preventive reporting, along with advanced management tools, enable employees to identify critical situations early before they become costly problems.

  • Vitalerter's solutions enable a safe and secure environment, enable greater resident independence, improve staff productivity and operational efficiency, and enable the personalization of resident care. Vitalerter's solution offerings are complemented by consulting, training, implementation and integration services.

​Care can be easy, and technology can enhance it!

"Modern nursing care is facing huge challenges, and our Vitalerter AI cloud nursing system is your best partner to solve the problems!"

"Leave the work of nursing, guardianship and tedious nursing work records to AI for memory processing, so that you can focus on providing higher quality care. Our AI cloud care system has advanced non-contact physiological sensor Bio Sensor system and physiological patch Bio Patch system, which can detect, record, remember, count, analyze and warn various key indicators 24 hours a day. "

"Our biological sensor Bio Sensor system can accurately measure theHeart rhythm variability, heart rate, cardiac output, respiratory rate, body movement rate, sleep quality and out-of-bed status. And our physiological patch Bio Patch system can monitor the activity of the elders when they leave the bedBody balance posture, heart rate, blood oxygen, body temperature and positioning. These instant and accurate data can help you detect and respond to any potential health problems in time. "

"Through our Vitalerter AI Cloud Nursing System, you can not only improve the operating efficiency of owners such as nursing institutions, nursing institutions, and nursing institutions, relieve the work pressure of nursing staff, but also improve the health of the elders under care. At the same time, Your family can also rest easy knowing their loved one is receiving the most advanced and comprehensive care and guardianship."

"Let the Vitalerter AI Cloud Nursing System be the best assistant in your nursing career, let your institution flourish, let the elders get the most professional and caring care, and make the family full of love and peace!"

Vettel AI cloud care system Bio Sensor sensor - applied in three-in-one lifting bed

Vettel AI cloud care system Bio Patch physiological monitoring patch - applied to washable underwear

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